Sunday, May 6, 2012

Part Of My Life

      Many people like math. As for me, I like math for many reasons. First, my majoris accounting,it is part of math. And i usally use math in my wark place. It take abig part from my work.Second, I use math all the time,phone.numbers, prices, speed, recepts and teachng my child. in addition, you can use math every where. i can use it in the market, in school,in a restaurant, in a bank and work.Third, math helps you to solve many problems. It always gives you the right answer when you use it in the right way. This story had happened to me when i was a student in the school. In the first day of the university, i had Math class with a friend of mine her name is Maha. We always sat next to each other in class, Maha had diabetes desease. She used to sleep in the class because the medicicne that she was using caused drowsiness. One day the Math's teacher saw her and she said,"I will not let you pass in my class I think you are a careless student". But in the exam, i got the highest score in the class then she was surprised. And she said,"I thought you were a careless student because i realized that Maha is a close friend to yours, and Maha most of the time was sleepy or her mind away of my leacture. Therefore, i thought that you and her have a common behaviors''. Finally, Math is a part of my life no one can challenge me with it because I and Math have a mutual traits.

Be Careful

         Before I begin the story; this story happened to me, when I was a child with my brother and cousin. Actually this story talks about my cousin whose name is Iman. And this story was a lesson for me. And now I teach my son about this story.

         One day when i was 6 years old, i played outside with my brother and my cousin "Iman". Iman and I were the same age, and my brother was younger than us. While we played on the play ground, one car stopped in front of us. And a man and  woman got out from the car. Then the woman took from her pocket some candy. And she asked us to came to take the candy. At this moment, I rememberd what my mother tought me. She always said, "Don't take any thing from strangers". I warned my brother and my cousin. My cousin listened to me but my brother didn't listen to me. He went to them and he took a kandy and he came back. Nothing happened to him. In this time my cousin said, ''See Raniyah, nothing happened to your brother. I want to go to take a candy". Then she went to them, but the surpprise is they kidnapped her and ran away. But the question is, Why did they kidnap her but my brother not?!!. Because she was wearing gold jewelry. After that the policeman came to the incident place. And he asked me to describe them. but they didn't find her until the middle of the night. Finally, they found her in the middle of no where. In addition, they had stolen all things from her. Then she went to the hospital for two days to make sure she is fine.

           This story was a big lesson to me while I was a child. The story taught me many things to teach my son now. This story is good for children to teach them how to respect what parents say. Also, we can teach them not to trust strangers. In addition, they learn to be careful and thinking before doing anything.

Thursday, April 26, 2012


        Walmart is one of the most popular markets in Carbondale and the all of the United States. There are many reasons that made the Walmart one of the successful businesses. I have three reasons that support my notion. First, everything you want you can find in Walmart, such as kitchen purposes, bathroom tools, clothes, and the most popular equipment. Moreover, Walmart has international commodities that meet all the foreign demands, for instance, Chinese, Mexican and Indian food whether for personal or business uses (International Restaurants). Second, Walmart always has the lowest prices compared to many big markets that I visited. On the top of that, it provides more often offers and discounts for the essential commodities. Third, it is characterized by the high quality with customer’s satisfaction. For personal experience, once I bought a device for the kitchen and after a while this device had a malfunction. I returned the device back to the customer service of Walmart, and then they took it back immediately and replaced it with a new one. Consequently, I realized why Walmart is very popular among people. Finally, I like Walmart markets. In my country there are many huge markets the same as Walmart, but not like Walmart’s success. I believe, the policy  ​​that is utilized in Walmart is the main reason that fulfilled this success. Walmart has a successful business for several reasons which are quality, experience, service and good management; furthermore, Walmart provides prices affordable for everyone, whether rich or poor.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Joha And Porter

            Joha had a fabric shop. He always asked other men (porters) to carry fabric to his store. One time, a porter wanted to play a mean trick on Joha. Then Joha asked the porter for help and he said, "How much do you want?". The porter said, "nothing". Joha said, "sorry, I didn't understand  what you said. How much do you want?". The porter said again, "nothing". Joha said, "ummm .. ok". After that the porter carred all the bolts. Joha said, "thank you". but the porter said, "ok, just give me what I want (nothing)". Joha said, "How can i pay you nothing?". The porter said, "that is your problem". Then the porter went to the judge and he said, "Joha won't give me what we agreed on". The judge said ,'' Joha you have just 3 days to give him what he wants''. And if you don't I will put you in jail''. After that Joha went to his home and he thougt in himself...nothing...nothing...nothing.......?!!.....I know...I know.. tomorrow i well pay the porter. Next day he brought with hem a bag and then he gave the porter the bag and he asked , "What did you find in the bag?". The porter said,"nothing". Joha said,"good..that is what you asked for now you have nothing !". Enjoy it!...oh...and you are welcome!"

Wednesday, April 11, 2012




            Family business is very important if you want to do  business. For example, Helen’s restaurant is a good example of how the family business is a success for many reasons. One of them, they have experience and many skills. Helen is an expert in cooking. Helen`s husband is good at making decisions and making  new ideas. And Hana’s sister is good of  computer. Also, her daughter is an artist. All these skills are the most important things for family busniss success.


 Second, they had big dreams and they are realistic about their dreams and goals, work well together and have different strengths. Although they began with a small restaurant, after that the restaurant became big and successful. In addition, they had clear responsibilities and they communicate well. They didn’t bring their weaknesses and personal problems to the work place.

         Finally, to succeed we must have unity, and to have unity we must have peace. Working together as family,managing businesses carefully and making  good decisions,definitely you will be a success.

Monday, April 2, 2012



           There are many societies that have their own traditions, and few of them are paying attention to these traditions. Saudi Arabia is one of the those societies that consider the Islamic traditions are very important. The constitution that we follow is the Holy Qur`an (This book which was revealed from god). This book provided us instructions and authorities for both genders. This book taught us that everything has limits and if we step beyond these limits there will be consequences. Therefore, Saudi women or Muslim women must know thier limit, but it does not mean we can not practice sports. We can practice all the sports that men can do, but there are conditions  that need to be respected. The maor condition is completely prohibited is the mixing between men and women. If Olympics does not have such a mixing, you will find the Saudi women at the first line of the competition. Last, the Saudi women posseSs the potential that might make them superior among the other societies. I believe that Olympics is not the standard to prove the superiority of Saudi women. 

Sunday, April 1, 2012


          The sport is very important for the health. Regular exercise that is achieved through sports leads to  an improvement in the overall health thus improving quality of life. Sports are a good combination of recreation and exercise. Sports improve your physical and psychological health because sports involve exercise and psychology, because playing is something you enjoy, it's something that relaxes your mind. In my opinion, the sports is an essential method in order to improve your health and mind.
        First, swimming sport is a great way to exercise and relax. This sport can move your all the muscles in your  body, and it is suitable to people of all ages and abilities.You can go at your own pace, you can stop when you're ready, and you can set your own goals. It requires very little organisation; you don't need to be part of a competition, you don't need to organise a team, and you don't need complicated equipment.
        Second, basketball is one of the most popular sports in the world. It is a fast-action game with lots of running and jumping. It is a way to have fun with your friends while burning a few calories. And it is very interesting, and it is very helpful in making friendships when we make competition. Basketball brings people together.

          Third, golf is a very interesting and sensitive sport. Although I did not have many ideas about it, but i love watching this sport. This type of sport requires specific abilities such as stability, the way of swenging, and the type of the golf stick. Golf can also be a social sport and a good way to meet or stay in touch with friends. In addition, It is a great way to get your mind off things.

           Finally, there are many other sports that are good for body and health. So what are you waiting for? just play and then you'll feel great for it!. There are hundereds tupes  of sport, and the type that you believe you are good at just do it. As long as the sport is part of our life we are going to be in a good health for the rest of our life.